Aug 112013

This is no get rich quick scheme, but it is an honest way to build a little capital for your own business startup, pay off outstanding debts, take a vacation, or feed a little money into your savings. We all know the “Pay it forward” ideal… now we can practice it to fuel the changes we struggle to see in our lives.

Instead of thinking of this as paying a person $5 for sending you an email with an offer that sounds outlandish and too good to be true, consider it a monetary tip for a great opportunity.  Someone is trying to make a positive change in their lives and they’ve asked you to be a part of that change. Even if you do not know them personally, isn’t $5 a small price to pay to help someone else, and to potentially receive your donation back many times over?


HONESTY and INTEGRITY make this system WORK!!!

Let’s Get Started!
pay it forward,paying it forward

First, copy this whole page and paste it to your documents folder so you can edit in YOUR NAME.

Follow the simple instructions below and in 2 to 4 weeks, your PayPal account could have as much as $50,000+.

And there is no limit to the income you can generate from this, as you can do it over and over again!


Now, follow the THREE (3) simple steps below:

First of all, if you don’t have a Paypal account, get one here!:

When you have your Paypal (PREMIERE or BUSINESS) account, follow these (3) EASY steps, and then repeat (Once a month):

Step 1:

Send $5.00 USD from your PayPal account to THE FIRST(#1) e-mail address on the list below by using the PayPal ‘Send Money’ feature, making sure to include this message: “Payment for Monthly Membership”. (THIS KEEPS IT LEGAL.)

Step 2:

Once you have done that, REMOVE the 1st email address and move the 2nd to 1st, the 3rd to 2nd, and then add your PayPal email to the 3rd position.  (Make sure your email address is the same as the one you used to open your PayPal Account – to receive your payments).

Here is the list:

#1.) – (use this Paypal email address to send $5)


#3.) – (email them, so they can track their 25)

Now that you have paid the 1st person, save a copy of the email from PayPal for your records and send the 3rd person from the list a CONFIRMATION email stating that you have joined and you are now marketing this system.

Step 3:


You can post on:

  • your Facebook page
  • etc…….
  • message boards & newsgroups (there are thousands).

Also, send an email to your own list – (if you have one).


If you have NOT received at least 25 replies, keep marketing the letter until there are at least 25.

Once you have arrived at the 1st position, it means hundreds – even thousands – have been working the program since you started. All of those people will then pay you as the 1st, and you won’t believe the kind of money that will be generated. Do the math – WHEN 25 people see and do the exact same thing – EVERYONE wins!!!

Send $5 and You WILL QUICKLY Change Your Life while LEGALLY HELPING others!

RESULTS – When you reach the 1st spot, and everyone has done their part to get 25 to join:

With you as 3rd on the list, you get 25 to join.
Those 25 each get 25 with YOU as 2nd on the list, that = 625.
Those 625 each get 25 with YOU as #1 on the list, that = 15,625.
Those 15,625 will send you $5, and YOU will make $78,125.

Keep in mind – the most you spend is $5 dollars. This works FAST!

Please give it an honest effort.  You will not be disappointed and will be very glad you did it when it starts to work. Be creative. Remember, all you’re going to be out of pocket is $5, with the opportunity of banking thousands of dollars into your PayPal account!

For $5 USD – YOU Can Make BIG Money in an HONEST Way!

If you follow the steps honestly, you can help change your position.  The more people that are exposed to this opportunity to improve themselves, the more successful we will all become while paying it forward.  

Here’s to Your Prosperous Success and Honest Efforts!

On average, 1 out of 1,000 people will take a chance with this program. It does sound too good to be true, and takes a little work to get the initial 25, but once you get it, the reward can help change the direction of your life!